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Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

What you plant in your family is what will grow. Learn how to avoid planting the wrong seeds and how to plant beneficial ones instead.

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How do you avoid passing negative things down to the next generation? How do you avoid reproducing the seeds that were planted in you?

Maybe your family model wasn’t healthy. Maybe that unhealthy, dysfunctional family model has been passed down for generations. You desperately want to end the cycle, but aren’t sure how. Rod Loy outlines steps toward change.

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Unplanted seed is useless and worthless.  For it to be effective, it has to be planted.  To grow your family, you have to plant the right seeds pointed toward the right harvest.  It's not enough to know what to do.  You have to actually do it!

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Raising a healthy family, building a healthy marriage and maintaining healthy relationships takes time, effort, hard work, intentionality, a lot of love, a lot of help, and a lot of prayer.  What are you planting in your family today?

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