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We've already talked about the prodigal son who came home, the father who welcomed him.  But there is another family member in Jesus' parable:  the older brother, who does not react in the same way as his father when he finds out his wayward brother has returned home.  Why did Jesus tell this story?  Who is the older brother, and what can Christians learn from him?

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What is God's response when you run away and then come home? 

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When you are spiritually lost, lots of people tell you what you need to do, but how?  When you have completely messed up your life, how do you start over?  How can you ever be right and whole again?  How do you find your way home?

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A lot of us have funny stories about running away - little kids loading their backpack and not even making it to the front door.  But there are also some horribly sad and tragic stories.  Maybe you did it.  You left home and started running.  Life on the run was filled with mistakes, failures,  and regrets.  It's the same whether you run from your physical home, or are running from your spiritual home - from God, and faith.  Life as a runaway is not all it's cracked up to be.

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