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There is a final level of stewardship that we don't often see in America - sacrifice.  What does it mean to sacrifice?

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Sometimes, Christians mistake obedience for generosity.  If you tithe, you are simply being obedient to what the Bible teaches.  But being generous takes you to the next step!

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Stewardship acknowledges: everything I have comes from God.  What is the starting point of stewardship?  What must we do first if we want to be good stewards of what God has given us?

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Jesus taught a lot about money and stewardship.   15% of Jesus' teaching was on the subject of money and our possessions, more than all His teachings on Heaven and Hell combined. He spent so much time on the subject because He knew that the whole area of money and finances is a difficult area for people to obey God.  There are some powerful Kingdom principles about money that can and will alter your life and future.

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