First Assembly NLR Video Podcast
Weekend messages from Pastor Rod Loy and FirstNLR.

Most people make big plans for the New Year - life-altering decisions called resolutions. Most of the time, though, we waste these opportunities at "do overs."  This struggle is not new.  And just like everything else we face, the Bible has some answers. 

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Over the week of Christmas, business will shut down, schools will let out and stores will be absolutely packed.  In an increasingly secular society, everything still stops for Christmas.  Why? What's the big deal about Christmas?

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Worry is fear about things that haven't happened yet or are already in the past.  Worry is toxic.  It affects your relationships, your energy, and your health.  It can dominate your thinking.  No one enjoys worrying.  But, how do you stop?  What's the answer?  Is there a cure?

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