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Worry isn't a new problem, and these days there is never any shortage of things to worry about.  Thankfully, Jesus was not silent on the subject.  He knew our struggles and offered a solution - a completely different way to approach daily concerns.

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Our world tells us it's all about ME.  But Jesus has a different take on things. In this message, Pastor Brian Dollar talks about another of Jesus's teachings that seem so out of step with our world.

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In life, it can sometimes seem like we are stuck in impossible situations.  Our human minds struggle to understand because a lot of things are impossible, or seem impossible, but the Bible tells us over and over, that nothing is impossible with God.



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In this series, we are looking at bold, counter-cultural teachings of Jesus that have changed the way people view life, circumstances, relationships, and problems.  In this message, Pastor Rod Loy looks at Jesus' teachings on money.  Jesus said we should be more concerned with treasures in Heaven than on earth.  What does that mean?  How can we do it?

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